If it is all just business, then any well-run business should be able to provide services to both readers and writers in ways that do not require the publisher’s scale and clout to get shelved in bookstores, and don’t rely on the size of Amazon’s customer base and on Amazon’s generosity. If it’s ‘stupid’ to ignore Amazon because “that’s where the customers are” then you’ve merely traded one pair of gatekeepers (the acquiring editor, the chain book-buyer in New York) for a different set of gates, and all the gates are owned by Amazon.

–Matt Blind looks for a third way.

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The publishers are like 19th-century icehouse owners who thought they owned the right to market ice perpetually, insisting on still cutting ice from a pond and complaining when freezers were invented.

Frank Shaeffer, “The publishers, not Amazon, keep authors down

Of course this is just an opinion and doesn’t cover everything, but this article makes some excellent points and it definitely worth considering…READ IT

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