NPR Commentator and Poet  Andrei Codrescu praises the lightness of his e-book. (click for audio)

After years of hurting his back lugging around real books, he finds the electronic device to be a relief for his spine.

When I retire, I promised myself I will read all the great books I said I would read one day, and I’ll reread all the books I once loved. And all my life, it seems I carried boxes full of these books from one city to another, from one house to another, and I furnished endless rooms and gave away hundreds of volumes, and I put out my back many times. And as soon as I retired, I was ready to begin. I picked up my featherlight Kindle, the great chiropractor, and took off for the woods, where I’ve been ever since reading books I never intended to, things like “Books Fatal to Their Authors,” a lovely history of books that literally got their authors killed by various religious and lay inquisitions.

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    I guess ebooks are convenient, but I really love just having and collecting books.
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