Head to your local thrift stores and find yourself lots of old books. You want as many hardcover books of the same size as possible as this will make laying out the books much easier. Measure up the size you would like your headboard, but make sure it is about 1 cm in from where the mattress ends on either side. This helps give the illusions that the books are simply there and not attached to anything. Get a piece of wood the size you want your headboard to be. You can either get one large piece of wood or you can get two pieces which will then be secured together. Put the wood how the finished headboard will be so that you can mark on the wood the mattress height. Marking this is so that you know where on the boards the books should start. Now move the boards to somewhere they can be laid flat and you have room to move around them. Find the perfect book layout on the boards. You need to place the books in lines of the same height books and make sure the books extend over the edges of the board at least a little on both sides. The books on the top and the bottom row can be different heights but the books in the middle rows must be the same height. Mark the order you want your books in so that if they get mixed up you know exactly where they go back. Hammer books into place. When securing the books use small nails. Leave about 2-4 pages free above the ones you nail down. You can start with the second row to give you a nice straight line to work with. Then nail down the top row and then move down from there. If you are using two boards of wood rather than one make sure that you use sturdy books where the join is and add some extra nails. Once all the books are secured in place you can place the headboard into place. You may need two people for this. Stick the top pages in place with some double sided tape. Be creative with how you secure the pages. The bottom row of books, however, need to be secured down as flat as possible so that they do not get caught on pillows or sheets. 


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