"Subscriptions are sort of a straw man" in much of publishing’s debate," he says. "People say, ‘Well subscriptions are  just Netflix’…but when you get down to the components of digital-distribution purchasing, there are a lot of flavors of subscriptions and we have to acknowledge that there’s a reason they continue to be around." 

The publishers are like 19th-century icehouse owners who thought they owned the right to market ice perpetually, insisting on still cutting ice from a pond and complaining when freezers were invented.

Frank Shaeffer, “The publishers, not Amazon, keep authors down

Of course this is just an opinion and doesn’t cover everything, but this article makes some excellent points and it definitely worth considering…READ IT

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“I’m not a fan of any art that has a threshold of accessibility.” Dax Tran-Caffee discusses the secrets of the Eisner Award nominated Failing Sky web comic

The latest in our series of interviews with the nominees for the 2014 Best Digital/Web Comic Eisner Award sees us catch up with…

This is an interesting rumor ~ eP 

Pocketbook will be releasing the Ultra e-reader in a few weeks. This e-reader has a camera that they are billing as a tool to make scanlation copies of books and read it on your device. They just made the first waterproof e-reader, the Aqua, available last week.