“I’m not a fan of any art that has a threshold of accessibility.” Dax Tran-Caffee discusses the secrets of the Eisner Award nominated Failing Sky web comic

The latest in our series of interviews with the nominees for the 2014 Best Digital/Web Comic Eisner Award sees us catch up with…

This is an interesting rumor ~ eP 

Pocketbook will be releasing the Ultra e-reader in a few weeks. This e-reader has a camera that they are billing as a tool to make scanlation copies of books and read it on your device. They just made the first waterproof e-reader, the Aqua, available last week.

A bit like negotiating with terrorists to publishers but if you stop demonizing the future you can begin to take advantage of it. ~ eP

Bittorrent makes distributing legitimate content fairly compelling. Of the 7,500 films made in 2014, only 100 will ever be seen. Netflix took down 1,800 titles in 2013, and another 470 in January. Things look pretty dire, even if you’re in a position to have your content played. They’re worse if you’re looking to get paid. Youtube, the world’s largest streaming platform, offers artists$1,750 in exchange for a million streams. Being able to tap into an ecosystem for hundreds of millions of people in a global market to distribute copyrighted work is fairly awesome.  Moby. Madonna. Cut/Copy. De La Soul. Diplo. Death Grips. Werner Herzog. Hundred Waters. Lee Scratch Perry. Lucy Walker. Joshua Oppenheimer. Gabe Polsky. Public Enemy. Amanda Palmer have all gave away free tunes or charged for it.



90 million is a great figure if the field were still growing and pushing on but digital comics grew only 29% last year. Compare that to 180% in 2012 and 213% in 2011 and the number reads more like a maturing market. I have no doubt that digital brought in new readers but this rate of growth will…

This is a great post on digital comics and why they are so important to the medium of comic books. Comics as a  format are a unique and ideally suited medium to showcase the full potential of digital storytelling. But we need to see more content created that experiments and pushes the boundries of the medium, and for this to really take hold we need the major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, and IDW to take the lead in supporting and distributing this content.  ~ eP