In which I unpack the Amazon-acquires-Comixology thing, determine that the sky is not in fact falling, and have some Opinions about comics.



Digital technology has given the consumer – that’s you and me – a more powerful vote and, as ever, we are voting for paying less. You saw this in music where the customer spent ten years telling the music industry it wanted its content delivered more conveniently, on more devices, for less money. Then the consumer used this new technology to beat the music industry until it listened. Now that the industry is delivering music at a lower cost, and in a way that is convenient for the consumer, the piracy issue has become less virulent, but also the money for music creators has become less, as revenues fell … Copyright isn’t the problem.



I’ll never understand the ebook vs. print book debate. As long as you’re reading, I don’t care what medium it comes in. If ebooks help reluctant readers, then I’m all for it. 

And, as an owner of an e-reader myself, I’m huge fan of the built in dictionary on my Nook. It’s awesome!




Tech project by Thibault Brevet can connect to receipt printers to quickly provide a copy of the US constitution - video embedded below:

Hijacking the existing network of standard receipt printers, CONSTI2GO is a portable device that allows, on the press of a button, to print copies of the US Constitution.

Commissioned by Jeff Goldenson for

The project is to be shown during SXSW Interactive 2014.




It will be interesting to see if the subscription model works in book publishing. I already canceled my Oyster subscription because I didn’t use it enough. But the business model does have appeal.

So how is paying a monthly fee to access unlimited books any different from paying taxes to support public libraries to access unlimited books? ~ eP