Powhatan County Public Schools is embracing a new online resource that will let its teachers share their knowledge while also giving them clear guidelines of how their year should be progressing.

Curriculum eBooks are a new platform the school district is using to provide well-defined, updated resources for teachers in a centralized location, Sandy Lynch, assistant superintendent for instruction, said.

These ebooks are not to be confused with a single tome downloaded onto an eReader, she said. Curriculum eBooks act more as a depository and a link for useful information.

The New York Times continues to innovate in its digital presentation of editorial content. 

The short title is “Norway the Slow Way.” I prefer the subtitle, streaming along the screen as you begin to immerse yourself in the piece: “A journey in which I travel north, on the world’s most beautiful voyage, searching for the specter of my grandfather and a glimpse of the ever-elusive midnight sun.” Stunning!