When we only read our ebooks on proper dedicated ereaders, such as the SonyKindle, Hanvon or any other real ereader we never really had a problem with flat batteries, as those splendid devices went on for weeks and weeks on one battery charge.  However, this is no longer the case, as the batteries in tablets only work for about 7 to 10 hours, and then need recharging.

Well, Belkin, who make all manner of accessories for ereaders, tablets, mobile phones and so on, have a couple of rather neat USB chargers in their lists which will help solve that worry. Full Article


The Electronic Frontier Foundation has taken some of the most popular e-book platforms and combed through their privacy policies for answers to common privacy questions that users deserve to know. In many cases, these answers were frustratingly vague and long-winded. In nearly all cases, reading e-books means giving up more privacy than browsing through a physical bookstore or library, or reading a paper book in your own home. Here, we’ve examined the policies of Google BooksAmazon KindleBarnes & Noble NookKoboSony,OverdriveIndieboundInternet Archive, and Adobe Content Server for answers to the following questions:

  • Can they keep track of searches for books?
  • Can they monitor what you’re reading and how you’re reading it after purchase and link that information back to you? Can they do that when the e-book is obtained elsewhere?
  • What compatibility does the device have with books not purchased from an associated eBook store?
  • Do they keep a record of book purchases? Can they track book purchases or acquisitions made from other sources?
  • With whom can they share the information collected in non-aggregated form?
  • Do they have mechanisms for customers to access, correct, or delete the information?
  • Can they share information outside the company without the customer’s consent?