The Pocketbook Ultra is the newest e-reader on the market and it breaks a ton of conventions. It has a rear facing 5 megapixel camera and page turn buttons that are on the back of the unit. Readers will dig the six inch e-ink Carta touchscreen display, which will provide faster page turns and less full page refreshes. Today, we check out the Ultra and give you a sense on what the commercial packaging looks like and finally we power it on for the first time.

 Publishers now describe Grandinetti as some sort of evil genius, the power behind Bezos. 

Interesting profile from The Guardian that also provides a good outline of the current Amazon vs. Author vs. Publisher controversy. ~ eP



Introducing the Kindle Flare 

The Onion has the scoop on Amazon’s latest release, the “Kindle Flare,” a new tablet that will ”loudly and repeatedly” announces the title of the book you’re reading.

A spokesperson for Amazon says “the Kindle Flare’s repetitive shouting will appeal to fans of print, who miss the ability to display a book’s cover to strangers.”

It also offers the revolutionary new technology “auto-explain” for the user who has a little shame about their reading choice. “Auto-explain” offers a rationalization for the book you’re reading while also boasting about a high-brow title that you also like.

God bless the Onion.

h/t Poets and Writers