Publishers now describe Grandinetti as some sort of evil genius, the power behind Bezos. 

Interesting profile from The Guardian that also provides a good outline of the current Amazon vs. Author vs. Publisher controversy. ~ eP



Introducing the Kindle Flare 

The Onion has the scoop on Amazon’s latest release, the “Kindle Flare,” a new tablet that will ”loudly and repeatedly” announces the title of the book you’re reading.

A spokesperson for Amazon says “the Kindle Flare’s repetitive shouting will appeal to fans of print, who miss the ability to display a book’s cover to strangers.”

It also offers the revolutionary new technology “auto-explain” for the user who has a little shame about their reading choice. “Auto-explain” offers a rationalization for the book you’re reading while also boasting about a high-brow title that you also like.

God bless the Onion.

h/t Poets and Writers

In fact, those who own an Amazon-branded tablet typically buy items from an average of 6.4 different Amazon departments; 50 percent go as far as to shop in seven or more categories. Comparatively, non-Kindle device owners stick to an average 5.5 departments.

CIRP estimates that Amazon Kindle device owners spend about $1,233 per year, compared to $790 annually for other customers